Hand Veins



Like facial veins, treatment of hand veins requires special expertise. To get the best cosmetic appearance with treatment of hand veins, the veins are injected with a special detergent foam to collapse the vessel and then removed with a technique called stab phlebectomy. Care must be given as to not remove veins associated with the nerve beds. Dr. Harrison has had specialized training with the world-renown cosmetic vein surgeon, Dr. Ron Bush. The procedure is safe and done with amazing cosmetic results.

As we age, veins in our hands become more visually prominent as we lose the surrounding collagen. The hands are one of the areas that show aging the most. With this particular treatment, the veins are not only collapsed with sclerotherapy, but then remove by giving local anesthesia and making very tiny incisions along the vein and using the technique of phlebectomy, the veins are removed. This is done without pain and in the office.



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