Spider Veins



Spider Veins can occur most anywhere on the body although occurs more commonly on the legs and face. They can occur on breasts, arms and chest. Sometimes these veins are even larger and called reticular veins.

Dr. Harrison at Arkansas Vein Institute uses several techniques in treating these unsightly veins. The most common is to inject a sclerosant called sclerotherapy treatment directly into the vein using a very tiny needle. This will collapse the vein making it disappear completely with time. Dr. Harrison goes one step further that many other vein clinics and locates the deeper "feeder" veins under ultrasound or UV light and injects those as well to prevent reoccurrence. If the feeder vein is rather large, Dr. Harrison may perform micro-phlebectomy or removal of the deep vein under local anesthesia and without pain in the office.

Sometimes the spider veins are so tiny that a needle is simply too large to use. In these cases he uses a device called VanGogh. This device sends a microbust of high frequency energy through a hair like fiber into the vein collapsing it making it disappear right before your eyes.

With these techniques you can expect amazing results and decreased recurrence rate of these unsightly veins. It is not uncommon however to require more than one session to treat them all. There is one charge per session whether one or multiple techniques are used. The treatment will be tailored to your specific needs to optimize results.



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