Vein Treatment

Laser Ablation

Laser is a treatment of larger superficial veins in the leg in which the one way valves have become non functional and cause the legs to be heavy, painful, tired, and cause swelling. Laser collapses the vein shunting the blood from the diseased vein to good veins  curing the problem.


This is a detergent liquid that can be used as foam or liquid  injected into a vessel to irritate the vessel lining and collapse the vein. This is done in both tiny spider veins and in larger varicose veins in the office.

VeinGogh Treatment

This device uses a microburst of high frequency energy delivered through a micro fiber the size of a hair to generate heat and collapse the vessel. VeinGogh is used only in very tiny veins that are threadlike in the face and legs.


This is removal of varicose veins using a technique of hooking the vein under the skin through a tiny stab incision. It is done in the office with local anesthesia and is painless. Because the incisions are so small no scars are left.


This devices is used in the hospital to treat large blood clots in the legs and lungs. It uses pulsed ultrasound to penetrate the clot and infuses tiny doses of clot buster medicine to dissolve the thrombus performed emergently in the hospital.


This device removes soft blood clots from blood vessels in the legs, lungs, and even brain using suction created by water passing by a window in the catheter tip. This device is used in the hospital for emergency cases. Dr. Harrison has been using this device for many years.

Vein Stents

This is a metal spiral device placed in a vessel that when expanded keeps the vessel open used in the deep vein system and performed in the hospital.


Venous Wounds

Arkansas Vein Institute which is part of Harrison Heart, Vein & Vascular Center, specializes in treating the cause of venous wounds to allow healing. We do this using laser ablation to remove the diseased vein and sclerotherapy in and around the wound to allow healing. We then work with your wound center to assure continued healing.

Cardiac Treatment

Heart Attack

Dr. Harrison has treated thousands of heart attacks with coronary stent placement and life saving interventions over the years. Stenting can be done for blockages causing chest pain.

Heart Failure

Harrison Heart, Vein & Vascular has a full cardiac and vascular labs, trained technologists, and equipment for diagnosing and treating cardiac problems.


We offer workup for palpitations, pacemakers and defibrillators and follow our patients regularly in the arrythmia clinic

Valvular DIsorders

The Heart center has echo and vascular technologists and state of the art imaging equipment for the diagnosis of cardiac valvular disease.

Arterial Vascular Treatment

Amputation Prevention

Dr. Harrison is Director of Arkansas Amputation Prevention Center and specializes in opening and restoring blood flow to blocked arteries in the leg that is causing the non healing wound. We are successful at opening arteries even causing gangrene and save the leg from amputation. Dr. Harrison has specialized training in opening vessels under ultrasound.


Claudication is pain usually in the calf that occurs when walking a particular distance. It is usually because of blocked arteries in the leg. This is diagnosed in the office with arterial duplex scanning and in the hospital with a contrast study. Opening the arteries is done in the hospital with laser, diamondback atherectomy, balloons, etc.

Carotid disease

Blockages to blood flow to the brain can cause stroke. We do complete carotid duplex scanning in the office by one of our registered Vascular technologists and Dr. Harrison interprets the results. If it does not require treatment we simply follow with yearly scans.


We screen for and scan for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms in the office with vascular duplex scanning and make recommendations for treatment if indicated.