Harrison Heart, Vein & Vascular Center is the premier provider of interventional cardiology, cosmetic and complex medical vein procedures, arterial revascularization, and amputation prevention in Central Arkansas. Dr. Harrison is respected across the country for his advanced techniques and procedures and is known locally for caring for his patients on a personal level. Dr. Harrison evaluates your particular cardiac and vascular needs and provides the best possible solution. You can feel confident all of your questions will be answered. Dr. Harrison's expertise and excellence in Heart, Vascular, and Vein advancement combined with the comfort and patient-centered treatment you'll receive is a win-win scenario.



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Venous Insufficiency

Are your legs heavy, tired or swollen? You could be experiencing venous insufficiency. This condition affects nearly 50% of the adult population yet many are never diagnosed. If you are having pain in your legs, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lonnie Harrison to see if you could be experiencing venous insufficiency. The treatment is painless and can be done in the office.

Cosmetic Vein Treatment

Spider veins are usually found on the face or legs and can be hard to cover. The good news is these veins can be treated in office with a fine needle treatment called sclerotherapy. This treatment works to collapse the spider veins and inevitably make them disappear. At Harrison Heart, Vein & Vascular, we treat the visible spider veins but we also treat the feeder veins in order to prevent them from returning.


Interventional Cardiology


Dr. Harrison provides non-invasive diagnostic testing in the clinic as well as invasive testing and interventional procedures in the hospital. Dr. Harrison has performed thousands of procedures throughout his career.

Amputation Prevention

The Arkansas Amputation Prevention Center is a comprehensive program involving endovascular surgery, vascular surgery, general surgery, infectious disease, podiatry, wound-care providers, orthopedists, and emergency room staff. Dr. Lonnie Harrison is the Medical Director and is one of only a few physicians in the world trained in Amputation Prevention using a complex approach to open closed vessels to the feet under ultrasound.


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Meet Dr. Lonnie Harrison

Dr. Lonnie Harrison is known across the world for his advanced treatments and procedures. He performed the first stem cell transplant in the world in the heart using the Mercator device. He has trained more than 100 physicians in vascular intervention, published articles and research papers in major medical journals, presented at National conferences and sits on the faculty of several Interventional companies.